Parents (1989) Directed by Bob Balaban. Randy Quaid as Nick Laemle, Mary Beth Hurt as Lily Laemle (not pictured) and Bryan Madorsky as Michael Laemle (not pictured)

Lily: Bed time!
Nick: Come on, Sport. I’ll carry you. What’s the matter? Huh? You’re not scared of your room, are you?
Michael: It’s dark.
Lily: It’s the nightmares, Nick.
Nick: Michael, the cellar’s dark. Your room’s dark. Everything’s dark at night. Pretty soon, we’ll turn off all the lights and then it’ll be dark everywhere. You really like the dark, don’t you, Michael? You can be yourself in the dark. But, you know? There’s one dark place that we have to be very careful in. Do you know where that is? (points to his head and laughs creepily)

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  1. I seem to have forgotten about this film, but my wife Lucille remembers it well and is definitely a fan. She chuckled at this passage! Actually so did I. Ha!

  2. This was a pretty solid cult hit when it came out. Never a huge deal, but I remember all the cool kids in college thought it was great. If anything I think it’s gotten better with age.

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