Ronin (1998) Directed by John Frankenheimer
Robert De Niro as Sam and Sean Bean as Spence (not pictured)

Spence: What do you use… weapons-wise?
Sam: Hm?
Spence: Weapons. I’m a, I’m a weapons man.
Sam: Weapons man.
Spence: Yeah (chuckles).
Sam: OK.
Spence: They tend to settle the argument. So what you favor?
Sam: Oh, you know, it’s a tool box. I don’t care. You put the tools in for the job. That’s all.
Spence: What?
Sam: You know, actually I favor the old 1911.
Spence: Forty-five. Old gun.
Sam: It’s served my country well… a long time.
Spence: (chuckles) Your country. Not done too well though, have ya? Last two wars?
Sam: Perhaps not, but at least we don’t go around whining about it.

4 Responses to “Ronin (1998)”

  1. great exchange from one of my favorite movies.

  2. This one holds up really well. People don’t seem to talk about it much these days though.

  3. Best. Car. Chases.

    OK, I won’t say ever, but they certainly crack the top five of all time. One of my favorite movies as well, and perfectly cast with every single cast member used well, which is rare for any film, let alone a Hollywood production.

  4. One thing that sort of sets the car chases above others for me is that they were done at a time when the art seemed to be lost. It was like, oh YEAH! THAT’s how you do a car chase. More please!

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