Natural Born Killers (1994) Directed by Oliver Stone.
Juliette Lewis as Mallory Knox and Woody Harrelson as Mickey Knox

Mallory: I bet I know what you been thinkin’ about.
: Yep. I been thinkin’ about why they makin’ all these stupid fucking’ movies. Doesn’t anybody out there in Hollywood believe in kissin’ anymore?

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  1. This is not an Oliver Stone film that I ever cared much for, and re-viewings never seemed to change by position substantially. But I like several films by the director quite a bit, and see well the satiric underpinnings. To be sure a number of people i greatly respect are big fans of it. This is a great interchange!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Turns out I’m not a giant fan of Oliver Stone. His films tend to be the cinematic equivalent of a frying pan to the face. Stylistically they’re interesting, but ultimately kind of overwhelming. NBK seems to be the Oliver Stoniest of the bunch. I decided to rewatch it after not having seen it for many years to see if my opinion had changed. Woody’s good in it.

  3. While I acknowledge that Stone’s style is anything but subtle, I have to say I really like NBK for its wildly satiric tone and crazily comedic moments. As Woody says, “Now that’s poetry!”

  4. You at least can’t accuse Stone of slumming or phoning it in. He swings for the fences and you have to tip your cap to that.

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