My Little Chickadee (1940) Directed by Edward F. Cline. Written by Mae West and W.C. Fields.
Dick Foran as Wayne Carter and Mae West as Flower Belle Lee.

Flower Belle: I ain’t met the man yet I was scared of.
Carter: They’re more apt to be scared of you, I imagine.
Flower Belle: How do you mean?
Carter: Oh, you’re very attractive you know. ‘Captivating’ is the word I think.
Flower Bell: Mmm. That’s what you think?
Carter: Yes, and I think that you could turn a man’s head very easily… if he wasn’t careful.
Flower Bell: Mmm, well there’s no fun in being too careful.
Carter: Aren’t you forgetting that you’re married?
Flower Bell: I’m doing my best.

2 Responses to “My Little Chickadee (1940) – Mae West’s 119th Birthday”

  1. Mae’s two greatest films came earlier for Paramount with 1933’s SHE DONE HIM WRONG and I’M NO ANGEL. But there’s no doubt that her pairing here with the equally iconic Fields gave her the film for which is known for above all others. The staccato interchange here is most definitely a delight!

  2. I quote She Done Him Wrong a few months back and my second choice for today was I’m No Angel, but I’m not sure why I decided on this one instead, especially since I didn’t pick an exchange with WC Fields. Ah well. Thing is, I generally try to stick to birthdays that end in 0, but like with Jane Wyatt earlier, I had wrong info and didn’t figure it out until after I’d gone to the trouble of putting the post together so I just ran with it.

    Mae West has more sex appeal in one eyebrow than most modern actresses have in their whole bodies.

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