Do the Right Thing (1989) Written and directed by Spike Lee
Ossie Davis as Da Mayor and Ruby Dee as Mother Sister (not pictured)

Mother Sister (from the window): Hey, you old drunk! What’d I tell you about drinkin’ in front of my stoop? Move on, you’re blockin’ my view.
Da Mayor: (stares back at her)
Mother Sister
: You are ugly enough. Don’t stare at me. The evil eye doesn’t work on me.
Da Mayor: Mother Sister, you been talkin’ about me for eighteen years. What I ever done to you?
Mother Sister: You’re a drunk fool.
Da Mayor: Besides that. Da Mayor don’t bother nobody. And nobody don’t bother Da Mayor… but you. Da Mayor just tend to his own business. I love everybody. I even love you.
Mother Sister: Hold your tongue! You don’t have that much love!
Da Mayor: One day… you gonna be nice to me. We may both be dead and buried but you gonna be nice… at least civil.

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  1. So happy that you gave this great film a separate post after the Watercooler lead-in that featured ‘Fight the Power.’ Yes this is a terrific exchange and fully worthy of showcasing. Others involving pent-up, anger management cherry bomb Buggin Out (Giancarlo Giannini) would also be ideal, as that ethic slurring survey of people around the city. But I rather love your choice.

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