A Life Less Ordinary (1997) Directed by Danny Boyle
Cameron Diaz as Celine Naville and Ewan McGregor as Robert Lewis (not pictured)

Robert: Enjoying the book?
Celine: No.
Robert: What’s it about?
Celine: It’s a romance. This girl meets this guy. They fall in love. It’s bullshit.
Robert: I’m writing a novel myself. A lot of people say that, but in my case, it’s true.
Celine: I’m not interested… in you or your novel or any other pathetic ambition you have to change your miserable, mundane existence.

4 Responses to “A Life Less Ordinary (1997) – Happy 40th Birthday, Cameron Diaz”

  1. Harsh!

  2. Right?

  3. Great pick for a quote/dialogue of the day.

  4. There were a lot of CD movies I could’ve turned to, but something about her cynical turn here appealed to me.

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