The gang behind the horror-comedy “Saturday Morning Massacre”

When I wrote my piece selecting the best of the 52 films I saw at the Los Angles Film Festival this year, I awarded Saturday Morning Massacre “Special Recognition for the Most Fun I Had Watching Any of the 52 Festival Films.” The film was the great guilty pleasure of the festival, and could easily (read…)

Parents (1989)

Parents (1989) Directed by Bob Balaban. Randy Quaid as Nick Laemle, Mary Beth Hurt as Lily Laemle (not pictured) and Bryan Madorsky as Michael Laemle (not pictured) Lily: Bed time! Nick: Come on, Sport. I’ll carry you. What’s the matter? Huh? You’re not scared of your room, are you? Michael: It’s dark. Lily: It’s the (read…)

Mona Lisa (1986)

Mona Lisa (1986) Written by Neil Jordan and David Leland. Directed by Neil Jordan. Bob Hoskins as George and Cathy Tyson as Simone. George: See, I’m cheap. I can’t help it. God made me that way. Simone: Being cheap is one thing. Looking cheap is another. That really takes talent. George: Some women are whores. (read…)

Fargo (1996)

Fargo (1996) Written and directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. Steve Buscemi as Carl Showalter and Peter Stormare as Gaear Grimsrud (not pictured) Carl: You ever been to Minneapolis? Gaear: Nope. Carl: Would it kill you to say somethin’? Gaear: I did. Carl: “No.” It’s the first thing you’ve said in the last four (read…)

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983)

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983) Directed by Terry Jones. Graham Chapman as Geoffrey, Michael Palin as Debbie Katzenberg, Terry Gilliam as Howard Katzenberg, John Cleese as the voice of The Grim Reaper, Eric Idol as Angela, Terry Jones as Fiona Portland-Smyth and Simon Jones as Jeremy Portland-Smyth Grim Reaper: I have come to (read…)

Kathryn Bigelow’s Hunt for Bin Laden Flick “Zero Dark Thirty”


Wing Chun (1994) – Happy 50th Birthday, Michelle Yeoh

Wing Chun (1994) Directed by Yuen Woo-ping. Yuen King-tan as Abacus Fong, Michelle Yeoh as Yim Wing Chun and Lee Chi Hung as Wong Hok Chow (not pictured) (In Cantonese) Wong Hok Chow: When it comes to martial arts, men are better than women. Women are for making babies. If I win, I shouldn’t even (read…)

Watercooler Heat Wave

On the 50th Anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe, this week’s Watercooler Musical Interlude is the one and only singing “Heat Wave” from There’s No Business Like Show Business. It’s not Monroe’s best movie and singing wasn’t her #1 talent, but as in everything else, she makes the song her own. This was a (read…)

Vertigo (1958)

Vertigo (1958) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Barbara Bel Geddes as Midge Wood and James Stewart as Scottie Ferguson. Scottie: What’s this doohickey? Midge: It’s a brassiere. You know about those things. You’re a big boy now. Scottie: I’ve never run across one like that. Midge: It’s brand new. Revolutionary uplift. No shoulder straps, no back (read…)

Gothic (1985) – Percy Shelley’s 220th Birthday

Gothic (1986) Directed by Ken Russell Julian Sands as Percy Bysshe Shelley and Gabriel Byrne as Lord Byron Shelley: Do you believe dreams can explain and illustrate the waking state of the mind? Byron: Poli’s dreams are invariably the same. Wet. Shelley: I’ve transcribed my dreams since… Byron: Opium dreams? Shelley: All dreams. Byron: Nightmares? (read…)

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) RIP Gore Vidal 1925 – 2012

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) Screenplay by Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams from the play by Tennessee Williams. Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Montgomery Clift as Dr. Cukrowicz and Katharine Hepburn as Mrs. Violet Venable. Dr. Cukrowicz: I’ve never seen an insectivorous plant before. What is it called? Violet Venable: The Venus Flytrap. A devouring organism… (read…)

Playwright/screenwriter Lucy Alibar on “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

Quvenzhane Wallis as on the set of Beasts of the Southern Wild. Photo Credit: Jess Pinkham [Be sure to check out Jackson’s other interviews with the folks behind Beasts of the Southern Wild here and here. You can read Craig’s 4 1/2-star review here.] Since being the breakout hit of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, (read…)

Becket (1964) – Happy 80th Birthday, Peter O’Toole!

Becket (1964) Directed by Peter Glenville.  Peter O’Toole as King Henry II and Sian Phillips as Gwendolen Henry: I behave like a brute, but I am as soft as swan’s down inside. (Belches) You know, Thomas, sometimes I think that you and I are the only civilized men in England. I eat with a fork (read…)

Brad Pitt in “Killing Them Softly”

Will McCormack on “Celeste and Jesse Forever”

Andy Samberg and Will McCormack in Celeste and Jesse Forever Photo by David Lanzenberg, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics The romantic comedy drama Celeste and Jesse Forever starring Rashida Jones (TV’s Parks and Recreation) and Andy Samberg (TV’s Saturday Night Live) opens in Los Angeles and New York on August 3rd. Written by Jones and (read…)

Vertigo unseats Citizen Kane in Sight & Sound poll

Once a decade, Sight & Sound Magazine polls “critics, programmers, academics and distributors” for the best movies of all time and for the first time in 50 years, Citizen Kane did not land in the top spot. 1. Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock, 1958 (191 votes) 2. Citizen Kane – Orson Welles, 1941 (157 votes) 3. (read…)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) Screenplay by Bridget O’Connor and Peter Straughn. Directed by Tomas Alfredson. Kathy Burke as Connie Sachs and Gary Oldman as George Smiley. Connie (looking through old photographs): All my boys. All my lovely boys. That was a good time, George. George: It was The War, Connie. Connie: A real war. (read…)

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