Casbah (1948) Directed by John Berry
Douglas Dick as Carlo and Yvonne De Carlo as Inez

Inez: Is there anything else you want… that you haven’t already taken?
Carlo: What else are you offering?
Inez: For you? The door.

2 Responses to “Casbah (1948) – Yvonne De Carlo’s 90th Birthday”

  1. Ah Yvonne! I will always remember her as Lily Munster, in the beloved television series I grew up with, but yes we do need to features movies here. I don’t think I’ve seen this.

  2. Not a great movie by any stretch tough it features a handful of terrific Harold Arlen songs including “For Every Man There’s a Woman” which became a standard, but it’s a lesser film in every way than both Pepe Le Moko and Algiers, although Yvonne is terrific and so is Peter Lorre. Tony Martin as Pepe is kind of terrible.

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