Little Darlings (1980) Directed by Ronald F. Maxwell.
Matt Dillon as Randy and Kristy McNichol as Angel.

Angel: So, where’d you get the car?
Randy: The car? I borrowed it.
Angel: What about the girl?
Randy: She came with the car.
Angel: What’s your name anyway?
Randy: Me?
Angel: Yeah, you. I know my name.
Randy: Yeah? What is it?
Angel: Angel… but don’t let the name fool ya.
Randy: Who’s foolin’ who?
Angel: You’re drunk.
Randy: You’re cute.
Angel: You still haven’t told me your name yet.
Randy: Oh yeah?
Angel: Yeah.
Randy: It’s Randy… but don’t let the name fool you.

2 Responses to “Little Darlings (1980) – Happy 50th Birthday, Kristy McNichol!”

  1. Ha! Yep it’s fun movie, can’t argue that.

  2. I’d never actually seen it before until watching it for this quote. I was surpised at how funny and charming it actually was. I get its enduring popularity now. I can’t think of many examples of movies since that are as frank and honest about young girls while also being funny and entertaining.

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