Blood Simple (1984) Directed by Joel Coen. Written by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen.
M. Emmett Walsh as Loren Visser

Visser: Who looks stupid now?

2 Responses to “Blood Simple (1984)”

  1. The black humor is in full throttle in this maiden effort by the boys. An ironic thriller that would still stand as one of their best films methinks.

  2. One of the great film debuts in my book. Maybe not quite up there with Sex Lies & Videotape, She’s Gotta Have it or Stranger Than Paradise… but maybe it is. Being a genre picture it might not quite get as much respect as it deserves. I love this film and the nod to Ladykillers in this scene is an irresistable MQotD choice. If only the actual Coen remake of Ladykillers was half as good (I still like it better than most, but it suffers compared to the original)

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