Lost in Translation (2003) Written and directed by Sofia Coppola
Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte and Bill Murray as Bob Harris

Bob: What do you do?
Charlotte: Umm… I not sure yet, actually.

4 Responses to “Lost in Translation (2003)”

  1. Craig, will I escape here with my life if I confess that I have always intensely disliked this film, even after four viewings to insure I had not lost my mind?

  2. Ha Sam, I don’t think I could criticize anyone who gave a film four chances but still can’t muster up the love for it.

    This is one of those films where I can see it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and I imagine the critical over-praise it got rankles even further. For me, it hit me at a particularly unsettled and transitory time of life and I found it really powerful. Being isolated in a foreign culture was a perfect metaphor for how I felt about my own life here in good old Los Angeles.

    Without that personal connection, I’m no sure how well I’d love the film myself.

    Out of curiosity, where do you stand on Sofia Coppola in general? I was initially skeptical of Virgin Suicides but grew to appreciate it I loved Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette and Somewhere.

  3. Sam, we can’t all love the same films, even the most critically celebrated ones. In this case I run with the pack. I didn’t feel the kind of direct emotional connection with it that Craig did but I thought Bill Murray found the perfect balance within his deadpan depressive/ironic/sarcastic style between funny and poignant. I also thought the directorial style and locations immersed me within a kind of exotic urban wonderland. The sequence where they go out on the town at times evoked an exhilaration within me reminiscent of the effect of Jules et Jim.

  4. Craig: I was indifferent on SOMEWHERE but like you did warm up to THE VIRGIN SUICIDES ad thought there wee things to like about MARIE ANTOINETTE, evn with some issues. But your entire response to me here is great. Much appreciated.

    sartre: Greatr esponse my friend. I love thar recollection of JULES AND JIM, whic is one film I do rvere.

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