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  1. Aaaand I’m 13 all over again!

  2. I have seen this a few times in theatres over the past few weeks, and ican’tsay that I’m ot as excited as I was when the three episodes of LOTR unfolded. It’s again handsomely mounted, sumptuous and seemingly well-directed.

  3. Yeah Sam. I was blown away by the quality and power of the Rings cycle, and felt a measure of pride over its showcasing of my country’s landscapes and its film making talent, but I can’t work up much enthusiasm for The Hobbit. That may well change once it arrives.

    An important aspect of what elevated LotR above the usual fantasy genre and big budget Hollywood family adventure fare was its gravitas. The Hobbit source material has a much lighter tone as it was primarily crafted to appeal to a younger readership. It’s a shame Del Toro had to pull out. He has that dark fable aspect to his sensibility as a filmmaker and the boundless creativity that offered a fresh cinematic take on the Tolkien world. The trailer reminded me of Jackson’s style which felt fresh during the earlier trilogy but now seems a little over-familiar.

  4. I hear what you’re saying sartre and like Sam I’m moderately non-plussed about this one over the original series, but I think Jackson and company are going to take what is essentially a novel aimed at children and open it up somewhat with Tolkien’s appendices. What has been shown so far implies that they are going to mount a serious effort to bridge this film to the others, so we shall see. Bordwell posited an interesting piece on it this week: http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/2012/09/20/a-hobbit-is-chubby-but-is-he-padded/

    “The trailer reminded me of Jackson’s style which felt fresh during the earlier trilogy but now seems a little over-familiar.” As for this, yes, I agree although I think that has as much to do with ten years of relentless LOTR knock-offs as it does Jackson’s style. Hollywood has been sucking the marrow out of the LOTR films every which way possible.

  5. Thanks for the link, Joel. That article certainly assuages my concerns about the new trilogy’s tone. I never saw extending the new films into a third as a solely money-making move. PJ and his writers have established their commitment to respecting and doing justice to the source material. But I couldn’t help but wonder whether there was sufficient and compatible material from the appendices to shape into an effective and cohesive narrative across three films. The article makes a good case for thinking there likely will be.

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