8 Responses to “A Christmas present for musical fans: “Les Miserables” drops an extended look”

  1. Oh boy, there is nothing on movie screens in 2012 that Lucille ad I are more excited over than this. We saw the trailer for it last Saturday before THE MASTER and we were again thrilled with the sublimity of Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boubil’s score, which includes beautiful songs like “Bring Him Home,” “I Dreamed a Dream”, “One Day More” and “Master of the House.”

    At best this could really be a game changer. Hugo’s novel is my personal favorite of all-time, though I know I am hardly alone on that setiment.

  2. How do you think it will stack up to the Broadway musical, Sam? I haven’t seen it so I have no frame of reference. I really like the cast they’ve put together here though.

  3. Craig, I am hopeful. It would admittedly be a bit of a stretch to think it could possibly match up to the stage shows in New York and London (and on tour). But we’ve been surprised before. I do like the cast too. and I do not think we will be having another PHANTOM OF THE OPERA here, though I did like that one more than most.

  4. I’m also looking forward to this. It looks like they’ve assembled a good cast of singing actors. I admittedly haven’t heard Russell Crowe sing but he definitely seems like a perfect fit for the character Javert.

    As Sam has commented the stage shows in New York and London will be hard to match. But this looks promising and it will be interesting to see what they can bring cinematically to this musical that couldn’t be done on the stage.

    And I love the original source material of it all. It’s one of my favorite novels (I like it even better than Notre Dame as stunning as that novel is, too).

  5. Russell Crowe is not the first name I think of when I think “musical” but as we’ve talked about before quality of voice isn’t always the most important thing. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

  6. I may be mixing him up with someone else but I think Crowe sang in a band and does have a musical background. He’s a great actor and looks really right for the part.

  7. @Alison: Crowe definitely has a band. He’s toured with them a few times, but not in any big way.

    Gotta admit, even though this entire project set off all my cynical “awards-bait” alarm bells from day one, this little making-of thing actually got me curious for the film. It’s an exceptional piece of movie marketing, if nothing else.

  8. When he was 17, before the acting got going, Russell Crowe recorded and performed music under the moniker Russ le Roq. Sadly I can’t find a video of his song – I just want to be like Marlon Brando. But here is another example of his teen pop star efforts:

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