Richard Gere and director Nicholas Jarecki on the set of their new film Arbitrage

I recently had the great pleasure to speaking with Richard Gere about his new thriller Arbitrage (in theaters and on VOD right now) for Awards Daily. We covered quite a bit of ground in 20 minutes, from the film itself, to the ups and downs of his career, to working with a first time director (in contrast to certified masters), to Bill Clinton and to the biggest challenges he’s faced as an actor.

Suffice it to say he wasn’t quite like I expected him to be.

I hope it’s as enjoyable to read as it was to participate in.

Check it out here.

4 Responses to “Speaking with Richard Gere about “Arbitrage” and as many other things as I could cover in 20 minutes”

  1. CK: It must be frustrating that success or failure in this business doesn’t necessarily depend on quality, but on other, sort of, mysterious things that are beyond any one person’s control.

    RG: There’s such a mysterious alchemy of what works, what’s successful and what makes an impact. But again, I’ve been through this so many times that I don’t blow my brains out about it.

    This is what is known as the X factor. How many times over the years has success been inexplicable and failure unconscionable. Quality does often rule, but timing and changing trends play a big part. Gere seems unfazed as a veteran whose been through it all.

    Terrific interview, a real feather in your cap Craig!

  2. Thanks, Sam. This was a lot of fun and I have to thank Sasha for giving me the opportunity.

  3. Great stuff, Craig.

    Gere was a memorable presence in Days of Heaven, Breathless, and Looking for Mr Goodbar among other films. But my favorite of his characters was Dennis Peck in Internal Affairs.

  4. Thanks Sartre. I’ve gotta say, if I’ve learned anything about interviewing in the last 5 or 6 years, it’s that it’s all about the subject. If they’re good, it’s easy. If they’re not, it’s hard. In this case Gere was pretty easy and it was just up to me to keep him going while staying out of the way. I hope I did that.

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