The Cats Bah (1954) Written by Michael Maltese. Directed by Chuck Jones.
Pepe Le Pew voiced by Mel Blanc

Pepe Le Pew: Just to theenk, radiant flower, you do not have to come with me to ze Casbah. We are already here! And so, mon chere (mwah, mwah), we can do away with ze dull preliminaries (mwah, mwah) and make love right away! We can spend ze rest of our lives making looove! We shall flee to Capri!

2 Responses to “The Cats Bah (1954) – Chuck Jones’ 100th Birthday”

  1. Excellent choice to honor this animation icon on the date of his 100th birthday. So many great ones of course, including WHAT’S OPERA DOC?, DUCK AMUCK, THE RABBIT OF SEVILLE, ONE FROGGY EVENING, DUCK DODGERS and RABBIT SEASONING among others.

    A pure genius. And a day to celebrate.

  2. I know there are more beloved classics, but I had to go with my favorite character. I know he’s pretty much one joke, but I love Pepe.

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