So… here we go again. Sort of.

I didn’t mention this before because I wasn’t entirely sure if this was going to turn into a regular thing. You may recall previous attempts by the same parties to do a podcast, but consistency never proved to be one of our strongest virtues. In the mean time, Sasha had been doing one regularly with Jeff Wells, but that has since run its course. Sasha asked her Awards Daily partner Ryan Adams and me to step in to keep the ball rolling and we agreed.  I wasn’t sure if I was just a temp or if this was the start of something new, but we’ve talked quite a bit about it and are a lot more organized, energized and focused than we were last time. I think the first one went pretty well for a first one.

This time we’ll have a much more specific Oscar focus. I’ve never positioned myself as any kind of an Oscar expert and I’m not. I’ll leave that to Sasha and Ryan while also hopefully chiming in with my own note of skepticism and an outsider’s perspective.

The first episode went a little long (also a problem with the former 3-Way Moviegasm), but we covered the current shape of the Best Picture race, the three of us shared our enthusiasm for Rian Johnson’s Looper (an unlikely Oscar pick, but it has my vote over The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers if the Oscars find room for a “popular” film) and I give my thoughts on Tim Burton’s animated Frankenweenie which opens this Friday.

Ideally, these things are going to come out once a week on Mondays. I’ll let you know when they drop and I think you can also subscribe on iTunes.



5 Responses to “Oscar Podast”

  1. Well, a marathon talk here, but I say this in the best possible sense. As always Sasha moderates with authoritative candor, and both Craig and Ryan add their own degree of persuasive analysis. ARGO doesn’t open until October 12, so at this point I can only accept the prediction here as one that deserves serious attention. I am not really an Affleck guy, but the subject is certainly a fascinating one, the early notices are stellar and all in all an impressive cast. I wasn’t surprised to hear from the group that BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD is a shoe-in, and while most love the film, I never warmed out to it and am out of the loop there. same with THE MASTER, which despite some brilliant components is emotionally distancing and scattered. I am of course like so many excited about AMOUR and do await it’s December opening with serious anticipation. I am not so sure I agree with Sasha’s speculation that the masterful LOOPER might be hurt by the Academy’s voting system that puts maximum weight on first-place ballots. There is no reason to believe that LOOPER won’t get it’s share of mentions on these ballots, methinks. Still she could be right, I am not sure where the leanings are at this point. I do agree that the wonderful MOONRISE KINGDOM will probably snag a Best Picture nomination.

    I enjoyed the discussion of previous decade nominations (going back to the early 70’s) speerheaded by Craig and Ryan, and how it is sometimes easy to see the direction the voters will take.

    Excellent podcast.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Sam. I hope we continue to get better, as we sort of find our footing and direction. It’s already off to a stronger start than our previous incarnation.

    I have to admit I’m at a loss as to how the voting works, but if it’s true that #1s count, I’m not sure enough blue hairs at the Academy will take a movie like Looper seriously enough. That’s not to say it’s not deserving.

    I’m not convinced of the probability of The Master either. We’ll see if it catches the imagination of a bigger part of the audience.

    I also agree with the chances of Moonrise.

  3. Craig, I neglected to mention that you all broached the chances of Spielberg’s LINCOLN as well. It would seem a likelihood that nominations will probably happen for that film, and I am also thinking if the reviews are good that LES MISERABLES, which was so wonderful on Broadway would be a perfect fit for Oscar.

  4. Truth be told I kind of stayed out of the predictions. Being the contrarian of the group, i’m of the mind that I want to wait until I’ve actually SEEN the movies for myself before making predictions. Lincoln seems to have as reasonable shot as many though

  5. Fair enough Craig. It was actually Sasha as I recall (understandably as moderator) who offered the speculations, but without any degree of certainty.

    That said, with the year so far dominated by foreign-language cinema in the sphere of quality I am expecting things to heat up on the domestic front in the coming weeks.

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