Sasha, Ryan and I managed another episode without anyone losing an eye. We kick off this week talking about the ramifications of Oscar moving the nominations announcement ahead 5 days, we discuss the cinematic goodness (and Oscar potential) of Ben Affleck’s Argo and we dig in to the Sundance best director award-winner Ava DuVernay’s lovely Middle of Nowhere. Both films open on Friday.

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  1. Well, I just finished listening to this second Oscar podcast, which apparently ran for about 65 minutes. I smiled when Sasha mentioned that “Snuggle 4″ told Tom O’Neill that LES MIZ would be the front-runner for Best Picture, especially since it’s doubtful he even saw the film. I have never forgotten too that David Poland had forecast a Best Picture nom years back for PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, which ultimately received disappointing reviews, though I liked well enough myself.

    Interesting dialogue on the timeline compression, the unique aspect of this year’s awards with the DGA and PGA winners coming AFTER the nominations and Sasha’s telling assertion that ‘genre movies are ghettoized” in the voting. True too that the guilds could be credited for bringing DISTRICT 9 a nod a few years ago. Do Oscar voters for the most part go with “perception” that individual sentiments? You have to wonder, it’s a very strong argument. After a short respite covering headaches and cherry croissants (hope everyone feels better now) I was most interested in the long talks on ARGO (yes Affleck is well-liked indeed, and the film is getting remarkable advance notices) and on MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, which I believe Ryan stated was his absolute favorite film of the year to this point. Also, I appreciated the discussion by Craig and Ryan on some of the films that will make strong Oscar runs, including MOONRISE KINGDOM, LINCOLN, THE HOBBIT and the others broached here. I do hope the years ends with arush of quality films, as this year has really been dominated by foreign-language cinema. I know Craig mentioned LOOPER and THE MASTER as real possibilities, and I’m inclined to agreed, though I prefer the former. I am not so sure I necessarily agree with Sasha that a late release date will be detrimental to a film’s chances, as I am figuring December openings are well in the thick of it even with the voters. But admittedly the entire time frame thing discussed in the early part of the talk is tricky. As MIDDLE OF NOWHERE got the largest segment of this podcast in minutes, I must say I am most intrigued!

    With the Friday openings of ARGO and NOWHERE I must say this will be one of the year’s most potentially exciting cinematic weekends.

  2. Thanks for giving it a listen Sam. I think we’re still finding our way and we’ll have our ups and downs, but I hope we continue to improve week in and week out. I also hope we can cut them down to less than an hour, but the fact is we enjoy shooting the shit and it’s hard to get us to shut up.

    I’ll be curious to hear what you make of Argo. I think the biggest knock against it is that it’s not a terrible DEEP film, but it’s an entertaining one with connections to current events. That combined with the Hollywood subject matter and Affleck’s increasing confidence behind the camera make it feel like a favorite as far as nominees go.

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