You Only Live Twice (1967) Directed by Guy Hamilton
Sean Connery as James Bond

James Bond: Siamese vodka?

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  1. I’ll try anything once.

  2. Ha Jeanine!

    Well, this another than is often tagged as a Connery favorite, and I’ve alwayas been pretty much on board myself. Exceedingly entertaining.

  3. Jeanine, if Bond was half as refined as he thinks he is, he’d realize that vodka is pretty much vodka. A real man would drink something with more character and nuance!

    My favorite vocal theme song for sure, plus I liked the “exotic” Japanese setting and seeing ninjas before they were a cliche. Add to that Donald Pleasance and a villain’s lair built inside of a volcano and well…. what else do you need?

    Some will note that Connery was completely not into the role by this time and his disinterest shows, but this isn’t Hamlet we’re talking about.

  4. Yep, best Bond theme song of all of them in my opinion. It’s beautiful.

    Donald Pleasance was a terrific Bond villain.

  5. It’s beautiful and I think it’s one of the best thing Nancy SInatra ever did. Ok, yeah, These Boots Are Made for Walking is her classic and I love some of the weird stuff she did with Lee Hazlewood, but You Only Live Twice rules.

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