Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Directed by Guy Hamilton
Sean Connery as James Bond and Jill St. John as Tiffany Case

Bond: Mmm. That’s quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing. I approve.
Tiffany: I don’t dress for the hired help.

6 Responses to “Diamonds Are Forever (1971) – JB50”

  1. Top-tier Connery? I must say I do believe so.

  2. Haha, hate to disagree with you again, Sam, but I’m afraid this movie is one of my least favorites. Not trying to pick a fight, I swear!

  3. Craig, I remembered liking it for the sci-fic gadgetry, the stylish visual sand connery’s fully engaged poerformance. But I completely understand what you are saying and know you are not trying to pick a fight. LOL!!!

  4. This is another one I loved as a kid, especially the space stuff. Wint and Kidd are pretty good evil henchmen as well.

  5. Not a bad 007 movie. Too bad about Blofeld not having a neck.

  6. Hahah. Someone’s been to one too many screenings of Rocky Horror….

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