Here’s Episode 3 of the Oscar Podcast wherein I join Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams of Awards Daily to talk about movies with an eye toward the coming awards season. This week we noodle around a little in the weekend box office numbers looking for signs of life, I report back to Sasha and Ryan on recent screenings of Leos Carax’s mind-bending festival favorite Holy Motors (NY 10/17, LA 11/16 ) and Joe Wright’s adaptation of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina (11/16) starring Keira Knightley, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jude Law. After that, we welcome as special guest Sasha’s daughter Emma who is currently rocking the 9th grade and had her mind blown by Cloud Atlas (10/26) from Tom Tykwer and Andy & Lana Wachowski.

The episode runs 75 minutes. Give it a spin. Subscribe on iTunes.

2 Responses to “Awards Daily Oscar Podcast Episode 3 – Holy Motors, Anna Karenina and Cloud Atlas”

  1. Well, I just listened to the entire talk as I completed some site work. The most comprehensive sections were the ones on HOLY MOTORS and ANNA KARENINA (by Craig) and young Emma stone’s enthusiastic report on CLOUD ATLAS to wind things up. The opening discussion broached the box-office, and then a talk about prospective Best Picture nominees. Sasha again stresses that ARGO is the picture to beat, and after seeing it myself this past weekend, I can’t argue. It’s definitely a Top 10 for me, and it has wide audience appeal and timeliness. I never warmed to BEASTS, but that’s my problem.

    I was again excited to hear of LES MISERABLES’ building potential, as a long time admirer of the great novel and the Broadway show. And of course LINCOLN, a property many are expecting great things from. Craig, loved your passionate analysis of HOLY MOTORS, of Carax’ career and the assertion that the film modernizes an “old fashioned” idea. Your description “a whirlwind tour of movies in general” is one I’ll remember when I watch the film this coming Wednesday night at the Film Forum. Was also thrilled to learn from you that Seamus McGarvey and Dario Marianelli are again aboard the Joe Wright bandwagon for ANNA KARENINA, which you are giving reasonably strong recommendation for.

    Young Miss Stone was wonderful, and her definitive praise for CLOUD ATLAS is quite a recommendation.

  2. Thanks again for listening Sam. I’m a little self conscious about this one because I wound up doing more talking than I usually do. I’m still trying to develop a good routine for “reviewing” a movie when it’s just me, but I think this week’s was better than the one I did for Frankenweenie.

    It was a lot of fun hearing Emma and getting a high school freshman’s take on the movie world. She’s got me even more excited to see Cloud Atlas.

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