The Living Daylights (1987) Directed by John Glen
Timothy Dalton as James Bond and Maryam d’Abo as Kara Milovy

Kara: You were fantastic! We’re free.
Bond: Kara, we’re inside of a Russian airbase in the middle of Afghanistan.

8 Responses to “The Living Daylights (1987) – JB50”

  1. This one is forgettable.

  2. Well Sam, suffice it to say we’re not only on a different page when it comes to Bond for the most part, we’re reading from different books altogether. Dalton is a terrific Bond and this is a solid if unspectacular entry I like it better than most of the Moore Bonds by a long shot.

    It’s not perfect. It’s a little too soft and somehow feels a little cheaper than the ones before it, but Jeroen Krabbe is great as always, Joe Don Baker chews the scenery appealingly. Maryam d’Abo is not great, but works fine with the little she’s given. The cargo plane sequence at the climax is fantastic and the cold open on Gibraltar is also one of the better.

  3. Your issues with it are enough for me then. Admittedly I am no Dalton fan, so there is the first problem. But fair enough.

  4. Yeah, I really liked Dalton as Bond, too. He brought a moodiness and a bit more of an edge to the character.

  5. Don’t get me wrong, Sam. I’m not trying to stiff arm you into liking what you don’t like, but going back to what I said to Alison in a previous thread, it’s interesting to me how Bond is kind of a litmus test where everyone has different expectations. In this case, you and I apparently look for different things from the Bond flicks.

    Alison, I think Dalton came even closer to the Bond in the books than Connery did.

  6. Craig, looking back on the previous entries we aren’t severely in conflict. I’d say it’s about 50-50. But yes what you say there about the litmus test is quite telling. Agreed.

  7. I think Dalton came even closer to the Bond in the books than Connery did.

    I agree. It’s too bad that he had such a short run and that his two movies weren’t really the best in the series (not bad – I like this one more than Sam did, for example – but not the best either), because I really thought he portrayed the character well. I love Connery and he is still my favorite Bond, but I love that edge Dalton brought to it.

  8. Sam I guess our biggest disagreements are on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Diamonds are Forever… and Roger Moore in general. Heh heh, it just felt like every time I turned around we were at odds.

    Alison, I think part of the problem with the Dalton years was that Bond was caught in this weird in between world of old and new. The cold war was winding down, smoking and drinking weren’t the same as they used to be and Bond couldn’t really get away with being kind of a sexist pig. Also, the 2nd Dalton film especially seemed kind of cheaply done which goes against everything Bond-ish.

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