I guess I shouldn’t be surprised they’re going more for the scary and gross route this time instead of the funny and gross. It makes sense and it’s probably a good movie. Did it work? I don’t know. We’ll find out next April.

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  1. I’m not even a huge fan of the original film, but I still don’t support this remake in any way, shape or form. Love it or not, the original is a cult classic at this point. There’s no point in remaking it. I’m done with all remakes. It’s pointless.

  2. I’ve run out of outrage for the remake machine.

    I’m neither for nor against it.

  3. Remakes are just about as old as original fare as far as Hollywood is concerned. I don’t love most remakes, but some stand on their and Hollywood will never stop making them. I don’t know where this one will end up, but the trailer is not what I expected. They put a lot of their cards on the table here to overcome the ambivalence from their target audience, and I have to admit it’s impressively disgusting and creepy in its own right.

    Everyone thinks of Evil Dead as horror comedy but the first film was just intended as pure horror. It scared the beejeebus out of me when I saw it on VHS in high school. I wish them luck.

  4. Both EVIL DEAD and EVIL DEAD II remain terrifying. They had an impact on me too when they released, and they are my 13 year-old son Danny’s favorite movies in his #1 genre. That said though, don’t know what to make of this latest upcoming re-make.

  5. (Not) groovy.

  6. I always forget that 2 was a comic take on 1 and that 1 was actually straightforward and darn creepy.

    Still don’t really have an opinion on this one. On its face, the trailer doesn’t look terrible, but you can only tell so much about these things.

  7. I’m giving this one a pass really because I honestly don’t care much. I don’t have to see it, and the folks this will likely appeal to weren’t likely to see the original series anyway. The original series isn’t going anywhere and Raimi and Campbell were both involved to some extent as executive producers, so it’s not like they’re raping deadites to make this. Raimi already let this get turned into a successful musical so it’s not as though he sees the film as being sacrosanct.

    And who knows? Maybe it will be good. The trailer seems to imply they didn’t hold back on the gore.

    If they were going to remake Evil Dead 2 and do it as a comedy with some fresh-faced actor off the CW, then I’d be a bit more peeved. But I still don’t have to see it and I doubt a film like that would find an audience. This, however, might be marginally successful.

  8. I would also add that they (Anchor Bay among others) have released these films on DVD, Blu-ray, 8-track cassette and every other format so many times that I’ve lost count. I don’t know how much control Raimi has over that, maybe none, but seeing them essentially abuse the fan base has cooled me a bit to the series.

  9. I liked Jane Levy in Suburgatory and the first season of Shameless US, but I’m not sure about watching this one.

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