High Noon (1952) Directed by Fred Zinnemann
Otto Kruger as Judge Percy Mettrick

Mettrick: No time for a lesson in civics, my boy. In the fifth century BC, the citizens of Athens having suffered grievously under a tyrant managed to depose and banish him. However, when he returned some years later with an army of mercenaries, those same citizens not only opened the gates for him, but stood by while he executed members of the legal government. Similar thing happened about eight years go in a town called Indian Falls.  I escaped death only through the intercession of a lady of somewhat dubious reputation and the cost of a very handsome ring which once belonged to my mother. Unfortunately I have no more rings.

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  1. Unforgettable monologue by Mettrick in service of one of the greatest western masterpieces, a film that employs cinematic economy as perfectly as any on record. Some people do not love Gary Cooper, but this is his signature performance. Dimitri Tiomkin’s musuc too is rightly beloved, with the theme song a movie landmark.

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