Bernie (2012) Directed by Richard Linklater
Sonny Davis as a Townsperson

Townsperson: Carthage is in East Texas and that’s totally different from the rest of Texas which could be five different states, actually. You got your West Texas out there with a bunch of flat ranches. Up north you got them Dallas snobs with their Mercedes. And then you got Houston, the Carcinogenic Coast is what I call it, all the way up to Louisiana. Then down south, San Antonio, that’s where the Tex meets the Mex, like the food. And then in Central Texas you got the People’s Republic of Austin with a bunch of hairy-legged women and liberal fruitcakes. Course, I left out the panhandle and a lot of people do, but… Carthage, this is where the South begins. This is life behind the Pine Curtain and, truth be known, it’s a good place.

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  1. Ha! One of my favorite scenes. Great flick, that one.

  2. I just rewatched it to prepare for an interview with Richard Linklater and Jack Black and loved it all over again. I wasn’t sure if you’d seen it, but I had a feeling you’d go for it, particularly because of its proximity to your whereabouts.

  3. This scene alone makes me love the movies.

  4. Great to see this one celebrated again, and look forward to the interview with Linklater!

    How good is BERNIE?

    I’d say it’s clearly one of the best American films of 2012.

  5. I’ll be scrambling to get it transcribed while I also dig into AFI Fest and prepare for some more exciting interviews in the next few days – one of them rhymes with Shamarion Shmottilard (!!!)

    I really thought Black was wonderful as Bernie. The part demanded a sincerity and I have to admit I didn’t think he was capable of it. I guess I was caught up in his more aggressive comic persona. Thinking back on his other films, particularly Kung Fu Panda but also School of Rock, there’s a real reserve of sincerity there.

    I don’t think it’ll happen, but I hope he gets a shout out for Best Actor. It’s probably enough that the film itself and the ensemble where nominated for Gothams

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