The Mummy (1932) Directed by Karl Freund
Edward Van Sloan as Dr. Muller, Arthur Byron as Sir Joseph Whemple and Bramwell Fletcher as Ralph Norton

Sir Joseph (reading): “Death… eternal punishment… for… anyone… who… opens… this… casket. In the name of Amon-Ra… the king of the gods.” Good heavens, what a terrible curse!
Ralph: Well, let’s see what’s inside!

2 Responses to “The Mummy (1932) – Happy Halloween”

  1. Too bad Halloween will be skipped over this year here on the East Coast, but certainly the spirit is here, and the choice of this great Universal classic in celebration is well deserving.

  2. Definitely one of the best of the Universal horror flicks, no?

    I know the East Coast has bigger things to worry about, but I hope you get to have SOME kind of Halloween, Sam, even if it just means sitting around telling scary stories with flashlights!

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