Joe Kidd (1972) Screenplay by Elmore Leonard. Directed by John Sturges.
Gregory Walcott as Mitchell and Clint Eastwood as Joe Kidd.

Mitchell: Joe? Mr. Harlan wants to see you.
Joe: Who?
Mitchell: Mr. Harlan.
Joe: I don’t know the man.
Mitchell: You know his name?
Joe: Never heard of him.
Mitchell: He knows you and he’s paid your fine and he wants to see you right now.
Joe: Yeah? Where is he?
Mitchell: Over at the hotel.
Joe: And he’s paid my fine, huh?
Mitchell: Mmhm.
Joe: Well, he can’t be all bad.

2 Responses to “Joe Kidd (1972)”

  1. Good one for sure, though my own favorite from John Sturges is BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK.

  2. this is a solid late career entry for Sturges with a nice screenplay by Mr. Elmore Leonard. Clint as always is very appealing as well. I’m still trying to forget the RNC though.

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