Check out the newest episode of Oscar Podcast with Awards Daily and yours truly. This week we’re joined by Erik Anderson who runs the Awards Daily forums to discuss the current state of the race and we also talk about Hitchcock, The Sessions and a bit more on Anna Karenina.

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  1. Just finished listening this sixth podcast installment, but as it’s approaching 1 A.M. here on the East Coast I’ll be brief in my response. Erik Anderson was a confident and knowledgable addition to the group, and as always Sasha’s intimate knowledge of studio politics lent a persuasive perspective to the way the awards will probably be going down. The longest segment was the discussion of LES MISERABLES, which is the film I can’t wait to see above all others that remain. I am a huge multiple-vist patron of the Broadway show, and have long adored the score. The live singing is certainly a risk, but as per the trailers it appears Hooper and company will pull this off. Anderson’s confidence in Anne Hathaway is telling, and I certainly do see a tight race between her and Sally Field. The fact that Field has won twice and Hathaway is a bright young star, may indeed give the edge to the singing actress. The talk about studio leanings is of course a vital component to this picture, and it doesa appear that at this point it is ARGO vs. LINCOLN. But the aforementioned LES MISERABLES, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (discussed here engagingly) and THE LIFE OF PI do seem destined to complicate things. Ms. Lawrence does seem to hold her edge in the lead actress category, but as the group her converged on there are several others to reckon with. I guess this was recoded before the election, as mention was made here by Mr. Anderson that Obama “will win” on Tuesday. Enjoyed Sasha’s feisty chiding of the “political right” as always.

    All in all a real collaboration of teamwork here, and all the pieces of the puzzle are nearing completion.

  2. Thanks as always for listening Sam. Sorry I didn’t realize you’d commented sooner. This was a good, if long, episode. Erik was a good addition and I hope we have him back from time to time. He’s got a good grasp of statistics and whatnot. Maybe he can be our Nate Silver.

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