The Big Lebowski (1998) Written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. Directed by Joel Coen.
Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, Steve Buscemi as Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos and John Goodman as Walter Sobchak

Dude: I figure it’s easy money, you know. It’s all pretty harmless. She probably kidnapped herself.
Walter: Huh?
: What do you mean, Dude?
Dude: Rug-peers did not do this. Look at it. A young trophy wife marries this guy for his money. She figures that he isn’t giving her enough. You know. She owes money all over town.
Walter: That fuckin’ bitch.
Dude: It’s all a goddamn fake, man. It’s like Lenin said, you look for the person who will benefit and, uh, uh, you know, uh…
Donny: I am the Walrus?
Dude: You know, you’ll, uh, uh… you know what I’m trying to say…
Donny: I am the Walrus.
Walter: That fucking bitch!
Dude: Oh, yeah!
Donny: I am the Walrus.
Walter: Shut the fuck up, Donny! V.I. Lenin! Vladimir! Ilyich! Ulyanov!
Donny: What the fuck is he talking about?

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  1. Walter says things to Donny that Skipper really wanted to say to Gilligan.

  2. Wow, you could have some fun coming up with the Dude’s Island, where all the characters are recast as characters from the Big Lebowski. Just spitballing here:

    Gilligan: Walter
    Skipper: Dude
    Professor: Donny
    Mr Howell: Mr Lebowski
    Mrs Howell: Brandt
    Ginger: Bunny
    Maryanne: Maude

    Even though it’s the Dude’s story, Walter causes trouble the same way Gilligan does and the Dude is often keeping him in check. Donny is sort of quizzical in a way that juxtaposes how the Professor was all-knowing.

  3. Haha.

    Maryanne: Do you like sex, Skipper?
    Skipper: ‘Scuse me?
    Maryanne: Sex. The physical act of love. Coitus. Do you like it?
    Skipper: I was talking about my rug.
    Maryanne: You’re not interested in sex?
    Skipper: You mean coitus?

  4. Gilligan: Nothing is fucked here Skipper. Nothing is fucked. They’re a bunch of fucking amateurs!
    Skipper: Gilligan, would you just shut the fuck… don’t say a peep while I’m doing business here, little buddy!
    Gilligan: Okay Skipper. Have it your way.
    (the Skipper answers his coconut phone)
    Gilligan: But they’re amateurs.

  5. What have I started?

  6. Nothing is fucked here, Jeanine. Nothing is fucked.

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