Cutter’s Way (1981) Directed by Ivan Passer
Jeff Bridges as Richard Bone and Lisa Eichhorn as Maureen ‘Mo’ Cutter (not pictured)

Mo: Any minute now, Prince Charming will, uh, ride by on his grand white charger and… take me in his arms and carry me away.
Bone: My charger’s got a bad battery, but will I do?
Mo: (laughs) Hell no. Speaking of which, you’re home awfully early, aren’t you? Couldn’t you find a matron with a taste for gutter squalor or, uh, is that the battery trouble you were complaining of?
Bone: I don’t like you when you’re stoned.
Mo: (laughs sarcastically) Hey Rich, I don’t like you when I’m straight!
Bone: How would you know?

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