The Ice Storm (1997) Directed by Ang Lee
Christina Ricci as Wendy Hood, Joan Allen as Elena Hood, Tobey Maguire as Paul Hood and Kevin Kline as Ben Hood

Ben: Well, it’s great that we can all be together. And this Thanksgiving, no, uh, yelling, no hysteria… especially with your grandpa not here… although we miss him. So, let’s do it right and Wendy, uh, why don’t you say grace? You used to love to say grace, remember?
Wendy: Dear Lord, thank You for this Thanksgiving holiday, and for all the material possessions that we have and enjoy, and for letting us white people kill all the lndians and steal their…
Elena: Wendy…
Wendy: …tribal lands and stuff ourselves like pigs…
Ben: Okay. Okay…
Wendy: …even though children in Asia are being napalmed…
Ben: Jesus! Enough! All right!… Paul? roll?
Paul: Thank you…

4 Responses to “The Ice Storm (1997) – Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Yes, when I think of Thanksgiving films, this one always comes in my mind first and foremost, and it’s a dark, very great film that’s deeply-moving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Craig and all LICers!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Sam!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, LiCers! Hope you had a great day!

    Fantastic dialogue, although this is such a depressing film. Terrific but depressing.

  4. It was oddly undepressing to me this time. Maybe because I wasn’t at all depressed myself.

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