Valley of the Dolls (1967) Directed by Mark Robson
Robert H. Harris as Henry Bellamy, Naomi Stevens as Miss Steinberg and Barbara Parkins as Anne Welles

Miss Steinberg: Mr. Bellamy? This is Ms. Welles. She’s here about the job.
Mr. Bellamy: She’s too good looking.
Miss: Steinberg: Mr. Bellamy, that’s not fair!
Mr. Bellamy: I’ll just get her broken in and some insurance salesman’ll waltz up and marry her!
Anne Welles: I’m already engaged.
Mr. Bellamy: There, you see?

2 Responses to “Valley of the Dolls (1967)”

  1. Certainly this is a renowned cult favorite that is primarily famous as a critically-panned adaptation from a novel by Jacqueline Susann. It’s still a guilty pleasure of sorts, and has always had some in stitches.

  2. It’s pretty silly, but harmless and kind of fun if you’re in the right mood (drinking with like-minded friends). I never promised all the MQotDs would be drawn from masterpieces!

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