The Great Waldo Pepper (1975) Directed by George Roy Hill. Co-written by George Roy Hill and William Goldman
Bo Brundin as Ernst Kessler and Robert Redford as Waldo Pepper.

Kessler: Everything was in order. The world made total sense. We battled. No lasting advantage. He was brighter. I was smarter. He was faster, and I was quicker. Until… he hesitated coming out of a turn. His guns had jammed. You know, I could see him… pounding on the guns, trying to make them regain function. And I thought, “Run, Madden. Try for the clouds,” but he didn’t. He came straight for me instead and I thought, “You are very stupid, but you are very brave, so someone else will have to kill you.”
Pepper: Was that when you saluted?
Kessler: Yes.
Pepper: And then what did you do?
Kessler: Wept.

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  1. I much prefer Hill’s BUTCH CASSIDY, THE STING, SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE, THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT, SLAP SHOT and even THOUGHLY MODERS MILLIE and GARP, but I am probably not saying anything there that most wouldn’t ultimately agree with at least in good measure. But heck the casting in WALDO PEPEER is very good, and there are some wonderful flying sequences. It’s a decent effort for sure, and I appreciate the trip down memory lane!

  2. Definitely not a high point in either Redford or HIll’s careers, but I think it’s an interesting and under-appreciated nugget nonetheless.

    I think I’ve said it before, but I’m not that big a fan of Butch Cassidy. It hasn’t aged well for me at all. Slaughterhouse on the other hand is an excellent adaptation of a really difficult novel. Garp I haven’t seen for years, but I loved both the book and the movie growing up.

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