Near Dark (1987) Directed and co-written by Kathryn Bigelow
Jenny Wright as Mae and Adrian Pasdar as Caleb Colton

Caleb: I sure haven’t met any girls like you.
Mae: No, you haven’t met any girls like me. Look up.
Caleb: Stars.
Mae: See that one?
Caleb: First one I laid my eyes on.
Mae: The light that’s leaving that star right now will take a billion years to get down here. You wanna know why you’ve never met a girl like me before?
Caleb: Yeah, why?
Mae: Because I’ll still be here when the light from that star gets down here to earth in a billion years.
Caleb: That sounds like fun.
Mae: It is.

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  1. Ha, this is one I must say I do always enjoy! It has developed quite a cult following.

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