Blue Steel (1989) Directed and co-written by Kathryn Bigelow
Jamie Lee Curtis as Megan Turner and Chris Walker as Officer Jeff Travers (not pictured)

Travers: So, Turner, how come? For the action?
Turner: How come what?
Travers: You’re a cop?
Turner: Ever since I was a kid.
Travers: Yeah me too. I looked at these guys, the men in blue, and I thought to myself, “Nobody fucks with a cop.” Ever since you were a kid, huh?
Turner: Yeah, I wanted to shoot people.

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  1. Well it’s Bigelow time, and this would appear to be only a mild lead-in to the film you seem to be acclaiming as one of 2012’s most superlative. (ZERO DARK THIRTY)

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