I love these picks top to bottom. Sure, I can think of other choices down the line that are deserving, but I’m really excited about all of these.

For those of you keeping score at home, I was right about film, director, actor, foreign and screenplay. I didn’t pick cinematography or animated. I missed actress, supporting actress, supporting actor and doc.

  • Best Film: Zero Dark Thirty
  • Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
  • Best Actress: Rachel Weisz, Deep Blue Sea
  • Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
  • Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field, Lincoln
  • Best Supporting Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Bernie and Magic Mike
  • Best Screenplay: Tony Kushner, Lincoln
  • Best Cinematography: Greig Fraser, Zero Dark Thirty
  • Best Foreign Language Film: Michael Haneke, Amour
  • Best First Film: David France, How To Survive a Plague
  • Best Nonfiction Film: Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David McMahon, The Central Park Five
  • Best Animated Film: Frankenweenie

2 Responses to “NYFCC: Zero Dark Thirty”

  1. Craig, I haven’t yet seen ZERO DARK THIRTY, but I will be there with bells on the date it releases (I think December 19th). Your own glowing commendation, and that of your podcast colleagues has been duly noted, and I know you call NY’s top picks in your prediction scroll. Nice job!

    I am still quaking for LES MISERABLES, though I know musicals rarely win critical nods. That film would seem to have a better chance with NBR, though it would maybe be a stretch to predict it.

    It’s clear from these results that LINCOLN will be named in multiple capacities from other groups. Winning three here is an impressive coup.

    And the biggest surprise of all is Rachel Weisz, who frankly DESERVED this! She is a much better choice than Jennifer Lawrence. Only Emmanuele Riva in AMOUR would seem to be in her league this year, but I haven’t seen that film yet, and can’t wait to.

  2. I worry that I’m overselling it, but I was not the #1 fan of Hurt Locker (really really liked it, but not THAT much) and I think ZDT is better. Not a popular opinion I suspect, but there it is.

    Riva would also have been a wonderful pick for actress (I was rooting for Chastain), but I love the pick of Weisz.

    Surprised to see New York go for Spielberg so much, but delighted.

    I was’t expecting a lot of love for Les Miz, but I still think it has a long happy awards season ahead of it. I predict you’ll love it, but you might surprise me.

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