The Deep Blue Sea (2011) Adapted by Terence Davies from the play by Terence Rattigan
Rachel Weisz as Hester Collyer, Simon Russell Beale as Sir William Collyer and Barbara Jefford as Collyer’s Mother

Hester: I’ve always thought of sport as one of the more pointless of human activities.
Mother: That was almost offensive.
William: I’m sure Hester didn’t mean to be impolite, mother.
Mother: I take it you don’t play then.
Hester: Occasionally. I just find it very hard to be passionate about it.
Mother: Beware of passion, Hester. It always leads to something ugly.
Hester: What would you replace it with?
Mother: A guarded enthusiasm. It’s safer.

4 Responses to “The Deep Blue Sea (2011)”

  1. How gloriously appropriate for you to offer up this post Craig in the wake of the celebratory upset of Rachel Weisz in yesterday’s NYFCC balloting, where the luminous actress gainst all odds bested Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain, in a vote that was practically telegraphed in your group’s latest podcast. As to this lyrical film, it is quite simply one of the very best of 2012 and anyone who omits it on their own shortlist deserves to be promptly arrested.

    Just kidding of course, but this is visual poem of a film by the UK’s greatest living director. Weisz IS the top actress of the year.

  2. This one is a tough sit. It’s slow and emotionally claustrophobic, but it totally pays off if you stick with it. Yeah, I was rooting for Chastain, but that was as much rooting for the ultimate awards success of Zero Dark Thirty as anything. I wish I had promoted Weisz in the podcast before. I’m always behind the curve.

  3. Rachel Weisz just bugs me. She’s one of those actresses whose presence in a movie makes me not want to see it. This probably has no relation to her actual ability.

  4. Well, it’s streaming on Netflix so you should test your tolerance and watch it for free. What’s the worst that could happen besides a smashed TV?

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