The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) Directed by Brad Furman
David Castro as Harold Casey and Matthew McConaughey as Mick Haller

Mick: Harold, you shouldn’t be running from your lawyer. It’s bad form. Now, you know what I want to talk about. In a minute, Judge Powell’s gonna call us down. He’s gonna want to know if we’re ready for trial.
Harold: We are.
Mick: We are not and you know why not. Rule one, I get paid or I don’t work.
Harold: Don’t worry, I got your money.
Mick: Exactly. You got it. I don’t.

10 Responses to “The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)”

  1. Modest fun, but ultimately forgettable methinks.

  2. Well, it’s no masterpiece, but it’s a solid entertainment and it really put Matthew McConaughey who was great in like four pictures this year back on the map.

  3. I really enjoyed it. Of course, McConnaghey’s an easy sell on me, but I thought he was great in the role.

    I don’t suppose it performed well enough for them to produce more in the series, huh?

  4. Lincoln Lawyer is more or less the classic genre B-picture that Hollywood and smaller indies used to make up into the 80’s and 90’s. It’s enjoyable and features some meaty acting, but it’s not intended to compete for awards or end up on critics’ Best Lists. It is, however, the sort of film that can solidify an acting or directing career and will end up becoming a mainstay of cable programming and movie rentals.

    It’s a shame actually that this sort of quality B-picture has become so rare today. There is little or no middle ground for movies like this anymore, and only a handful of directors like Steven Soderbergh are still trying to fill this niche. In today’s market, most films that previously fit this mold either get trumped up into mainstream fare by scrubbing the script of any complexity or they’re made on a shoestring and go straight to video/iTunes/Netflix.

    Kinda sad. Not too long ago directors like the Coen Brothers, David Cronenberg, or even James Cameron made their mark on the periphery. Today, it feels like those avenues have narrowed to the arthouse quirk of Sundance or mainstream success via carefully modulated action films or comedies.

  5. I’m aware that the film was not made to win awards, and am well attuned to the value of B entertainment and films that are enjoyable without aspiring to artistic greatness. Heck I see dozens of such films each and every year. My comment above was not at all meant to stir up any indignity, but just to voice a personal opinion. The film was fun for me, but not inhabited by lasting qualities that would make me go to the mat for it. More power to those who like or love the film, and are willing to stoke the dialoque. There are in any event a fair number of efective films in this “genre” each and every year.

    I wish I could feel the same way, as I do for the vast majority of this LIC series that I almost always come to with appreciation. In any case I am also cognizant of the fact that not even Craig likes every choice he showcases in this series.

    My wife Lucille loved the film.

  6. One last point on this thread. If I were the not the very first poster, and had already seen the positive assessments by Joel, Jenny and Craig, I would have either stayed away from the thread all-together, or would have injected my comment with more congenial analysis. Only because I was the first poster, did I feel that I was free to go in any direction, and be perfectly honest. At that point I had no idea what the group would ultimately be expressing.

  7. It’s cool Sam. As I’ve said before, the selection of a MQotD is not meant to reflect the quality or standing of a film, but I like to try and pick both high and low to keep it interesting. There’s no harm in not especially liking this or that film. Hell, it’s boring when we all just sit around ratifying the accepted greatness of things. It’s good to disagree.

    I’m not trying to make a case for or against any film, but simply remind people of stuff they may have seen and starting up a conversation about it for good or bad.

  8. I hear ya Craig. Ha! There must be some disagreement here and there for sure. Spice is nice.

  9. I don’t exactly disagree with you, Sam dear. I’d never argue the film is more than it is. I just happened to enjoy it and saw it on one of those days when it happened to hit the spot.

  10. Jenny, that’s more than fair enough, and I understand what you are saying. As I say, if Lucille read what I originally said here I’d be in the dog house for at least a few days!!! LOL!!!! Actually the reviews were quite good overall. Thank you my very good friend.

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