A Fish Called Wanda (1988) Directed by Charles Chrichton
Jamie Lee Curtis as Wanda and Kevin Klein as Otto

Otto: What is this “Hump a Limey Week” suddenly? Otto doesn’t approve. Otto might get jealous.

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  1. Oh boy, I love this film, and can watch it repeatedly. I have done so in fact back in the day. My favorite gags include the one where Kevin Kline is held upside down out the window, the courtroom scene where Jamie Lee Curtis tells the judge that she saw her husband walking out of the house with a “sawed-off shotgun” and the recurring black comedy skit of animal lover Michael Palin accidentally killing off the yorkshire terriors of the old lady witness.

    As you confirm above with that hilarious quip by Otto (Kline) John Cleese’s screenplay is a gem, and Kline won a well-deserved supporting actor Oscar that year for his performance

  2. It’s surprising how long it’s been since i watched it.

  3. This movie has always been one of my favorite black comedies and a fun caper. Kline is absolutely terrific and certainly deserved his supporting Oscar but the entire cast is great. I love Cleese in his role in this, too. He’s perfect.

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