Alfie (1966) Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Michael Caine as Alfie and Millicent Martin as Siddie

Alfie: Here. Suck this sweet, Siddie, so he don’t smell the gin.
Siddie: I don’t care if he does smell it.
Alfie: Now, be human. You and me are havin’ a good time. Why should we hurt him? He’s done us no harm.
Siddie: You like to see everybody happy.
Alfie: Well, I don’t believe in making anybody unhappy, not if I don’t have to… or in makin’ an enemy. You could be crossin’ the Sahara Desert and he’d be just the bloke you run into.

3 Responses to “Alfie (1966)”

  1. Yeah I know some will make claim that it’s dated, but it remains delightful for the script and performances. The Bacharack/David song was immortalized of course by Dionne Warwick who made it a big hit on AM radio during the good old days when we collected 45s.

    Michael Caine in one of his signature performances is magnificent.

  2. Still remember how earth shaking this film was when I first saw it in a theater. Have loved Michael Caine as an actor ever since. It seems so innocent and just mildly risque now, but that last scene of Alfie seeing what he missed is still poignant.

  3. It holds up surprisingly well all these years later. Not hard to believe this movie launched Caine. He’s terrific.

    And yes, it does seem innocent now (I can imagine a time when it didn’t), but that’s another one of its charms looking back.

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