Lost in America (1985) Directed by Albert Brooks. Written by Albert Brooks and Monica Johnson. Julie Hagerty as Linda Howard and Albert Brooks as David Howard

David: Oh, God. I guess this was my fault. That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe I just didn’t explain the nest egg well enough. If you had understood… you know, it’s a very sacred thing the nest egg, and if you’d understood the Nest Egg Principle, as we will now call it in the first of many lectures that you will have to get, because if we are to ever acquire another nest egg, we both have to understand what it means. The egg is a protector, like a god, and we sit under the nest egg… and we are protected by it. Without it? No protection! Want me to go on? It pours rain. Hey, the rain drops on the egg and falls off the side. Without the egg? Wet! It’s over. But you didn’t understand it and that’s why we’re where we are.
Linda: I understood the nest egg.
David: Oh, please. Do me a favor. Don’t use the word. You may not use that word. It’s off limits to you! Only those in this house who understand nest egg may use it! And don’t use any part of it, either. Don’t use “nest.” Don’t use “egg.” You’re out in the forest you can point, “The bird lives in a round stick.” And and and you have “things” over easy with toast!

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  1. Would I happen to be the only person who never cared for this film?

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