Christmas Vacation (1989) Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
Randy Quaid as Eddie.

Eddie: Merry Christmas! Shitter was full.

7 Responses to “Christmas Vacation (1989)”

  1. Back when Randy Quaid was still thin…..

  2. And only PLAYED weird people in movies…

  3. Watch out for dem star whackers!

  4. Ah yes it does have it’s raunchy moments and it’s quite a bit of fun, but I’d say BAD SANTA goes the furthest in that direction, though not always in the best taste, not that I mind.

  5. I’ll take Bad Santa over this one any day and you can bet your bippy that’ll be turning up between now and Christmas

  6. Bad Santa is next in my Netflix queue. It’s time for another rewatch of that one.

  7. Nothing beats the Christmas/cha cha heels scene in John Waters’ Female Trouble.

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