Bill Murray in "Scrooged" (1988)

Scrooged (1988) Directed by Richard Donner
Kate McGregor-Stewart as The Censor and Bill Murray as Frank Cross

Censor: I’m sorry, Mr. Cross. I am the censor and I will not allow this costume on the air.
Frank: Why not?
Censor: Well, specifically, you can see her nipples.
Frank: I want to see her nipples!
Censor: But this is a Christmas show!
Frank: Well, Charles Dickens would’ve wanted to see her nipples then.

2 Responses to “Scrooged (1988)”

  1. I’ve always been charmed by this, and wouldn’t mind another holiday season viewing!

  2. What’s great about it is that I think it captures the spirit and intention of the original without being overly and boringly respectful to it. Plus, it’s funny and I love BIll Murray, goddamnit.

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