Richard Massey and Edward G. Robinson in Fritz Lang's "The Woman in the Window" (1944)

The Woman in the Window (1944) Directed by Fritz Lang. Raymond Massey as District Attorney Frank Lalor and Edward G. Robinson as Professor Richard Wanley.

Richard: Well, what do you think?
Frank: The woman?
Richard: You think she’s the one?
Frank: No. She’s got something on her conscience, but what woman hasn’t?
Richard: (nervous laugh)

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  1. The ending of course always comes under attack by noir fans, but this film is still much too good overall to quibble on that. It’s always paired up with Lang’s other superb noir of the period, SCARLET STREET, and all things considered I’d say it’s within hailing distance.

  2. One can always stop watching right before “the end” right?

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