Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks in "Defending Your LIfe" (1991)

Defending Your Life (1991) Written and directed by Albert Brooks. Meryl Streep as Julia and Albert Brooks as Danny Miller

Danny: You know what? You never told me how you died. How did you die?
Julia: I don’t want to talk about it.
Danny: Why?
Julia: It’s embarrassing.
Danny: Embarrassing? What could be embarrassing? I was hit by a bus.
Julia: (laughs) I tripped.
Danny: No!
Julia: Yes.
Danny: Seriously? You tripped?
Julia: (laughs) Yes!
Danny: On what?
Julia: We went to visit some friends for the weekend. Everybody wanted to go into town, but I wanted to stay at the house and go swimming, so I went outside, tripped over the chaise lounge, hit my head on the cement and rolled into the pool.
Danny: What did the East German judge give you?
Julia: (laughs)
Danny: So, seriously. Did you feel anything? Were you unconscious? Were you scared?
Julia: I was pissed.
Danny: You died pissed.
Julia: I’m still pissed. I was a good swimmer.
Danny: Well, swimming’s only part of the sport. You’ve gotta negotiate the patio furniture. You know, in the Olympics they’re taking that part very seriously? The Romanians are excellent at it.
Julia: You make fun of me, I’m gonna get you.
Danny: You’ve already got me.

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