Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston in "Argo" (2012)

Here are the Producers Guild of America Awards as reported by @StevePond who was at the ceremony tonight in Beverly Hills. That’s right bitches, I was 3 for 3 in PGA movie predictions. Yeah I know that means nothing, but I’m so often wrong I need to point out when I’m not.


  • Theatrical Motion Picture: “Argo” (Warner Bros.)
    Producers: Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Grant Heslov
  • Documentary Theatrical Motion Picture: “Searching For Sugar Man” (Sony Pictures Classics)
    Producers: Malik Bendjelloul, Simon Chinn
  • Animated Theatrical Motion Picture:  “Wreck-It Ralph” (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
    Producer: Clark Spencer


  • Long-Form Television: “Game Change” (HBO)
    Producers: Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Jay Roach, Amy Sayres, Steven Shareshian, Danny Strong
  • Episodic Television, Drama: “Homeland” (Showtime)
    Producers: Henry Bromell, Alexander Cary, Michael Cuesta, Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Chip Johannessen, Michael Klick, Meredith Stiehm
  • Episodic Television, Comedy: “Modern Family” (ABC)
    Producers: Cindy Chupack, Paul Corrigan, Abraham Higginbotham, Ben Karlin, Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Morton, Dan O’Shannon, Jeffrey Richman, Chris Smirnoff, Brad Walsh, Bill Wrubel, Danny Zuker
  • Non-Fiction Television: “American Masters” (PBS)
    Producers: Prudence Glass, Susan Lacy, Julie Sacks
  • Competition Television: “The Amazing Race” (CBS)
    Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Elise Doganieri, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Mark Vertul
  • Live Entertainment & Talk Television: “The Colbert Report” (Comedy Central)
    Producers: Meredith Bennett, Stephen Colbert, Richard Dahm, Paul Dinello, Barry Julien, Matt Lappin, Emily Lazar, Tanya Michnevich Bracco, Tom Purcell, Jon Stewart
  • Sports Program: “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” (HBO)
  • Children’s Program: “Sesame Street” (PBS)
  • Digital Series: “30 Rock: The Webisodes” (

5 Responses to “2013 PGA Awards: Argo”

  1. Yep, you had a great night there Craig!!!

    I was convinced the PGA would go to LINCOLN, but now it’s clear that ARGO may well have taken the role of favorite going forward to Oscar night. I like ARGO, but it’s not the best film of the year for me.

    As far as the SAG tonight, it does appear that SLP is the favorite, but I wouldn’t rule out LES MIS.

  2. I can’t wait for this awards season to be over so I never have to hear another “ARGO fuck yourself” joke again.

    Also, I wonder if part of the LINCOLN backlash is because it lacks the compelling awards-friendly narrative behind the making of the movie. Compared to something like ARGO, which was made by a slumping leading man who turned himself into a solid director, then became the scrappy underdog of the awards season by virtue of not nominating said ex-leading man for Best Director, LINCOLN is a obvious Oscar-bait- America’s most successful director making a movie about America’s most celebrated President. Never mind it’s (OK, arguably) a better movie- it’s the Apollo Creed of the race, and everybody loves a Rocky.

    All this is just another way of saying “fuck Jeff Wells,” I suppose.

  3. Spot on analysis, Paul.

    All this is just another way of saying “fuck Jeff Wells,” I suppose.


  4. Yes it seems absurd but the fact that Lincoln doesn’t LOOK like an underdog is killing it awardswise.

    But more than a compelling background narrative, i think Argo is just a likable, inoffensive, uncontroversial film and whenever you poll a large group of people, those kinds of movies rise to the top.

    It’s like Lincoln himself during the Republican primary. He wasn’t very many people’s favorite (Seward led the first round of voting), but he was a lot of people’s 2nd pick. Argo is like that.

    In a way, I’m enjoying this Awards season more than usual even though my personal picks might not win because it feels less predictable. If Affleck wins DGA then I’ll have to change my pick, but for now I’m sticking with Lincoln.

    For the record, I’d be OK with an Argo win. Not over the moon, but then I haven’t been over the moon about Oscar since No Country won and not very often before that.

  5. Ehh… Argo was a perfectly solid adult entertainment with a terrifically gripping opening. Affleck’s balancing of the dramatic aspects of the tale with the comic Hollywood spine to it was very commendable.

    Yet, I can’t help but think that Argo won the PGA as much for its positive portrayal of Hollywood and Hollywood producers as it did for anything else. Which is why I was quite confident it would be winning last night, and it did.

    If SAG goes to Argo for Best Ensemble, it’s hands down the Best Picture frontrunner (even though SAG has not meant much over the last several years, in a field this divided it will be a bigger deal unless it goes to Les Miserables or, more likely, Silver Linings Playbook). Which is very strange because it would be the first Best Picture winner since Driving Miss Daisy to not even have its director nominated.

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