Bruce Dern and Lois Chiles in "The Great Gatsby" (1974)

The Great Gatsby (1974) Directed by Jack Clayton from a screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Bruce Dern as Tom Buchanan and Lois Chiles as Jordan Baker

Tom: I made a small investigation of this fellow, you know.
Jordan: And found he’s an Oxford man.
Tom: Oxford like hell. He wears a goddamn pink suit!

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  1. Nice pick. I enjoyed this adaptation. I particularly liked Chiles as Jordan but Bruce Dern was a perfect Tom too.

  2. I liked Sam Waterston as Nick too, but Mia Farrow seemed all wrong as Daisy. Redford was kind of a non-entity as Gatsby. Poor Lois Chiles ended up in the worst James Bond film ever: Moonraker.

  3. Yeah. She and Jaws were the best part of Moonraker (though even Jaws wasn’t as goo there as he was in The Spy Who Loved Me.

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