Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison in "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (1947)

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
Gene Tierney as Mrs. Lucy Muir and Rex Harrison as Captain Daniel Gregg

Capt. Gregg: That’s a pretty rig you have on.
Mrs. Muir: Oh, thank you.
Capt. Gregg: Much better than smothering yourself in all that black crepe.
Mrs. Muir: I happen to have been wearing mourning for my husband.
Capt. Gregg: Whom you didn’t love.
Mrs. Muir: How dare you say that!?
Capt. Gregg: Because it’s true. You were fond of him perhaps, but you didn’t love him.
Mrs. Muir: I suppose you’re jealous because no one put on mourning for you.
Capt. Gregg: That shows how little you know about it.
Mrs. Muir: Some poor, misguided female no doubt.
Capt. Gregg: Three poor, misguided females to be exact.
Mrs. Muir: I should… I should think you’d be ashamed of it instead of boasting about it!
Capt. Gregg: Why? They misguided themselves. I never raised a finger to help them.

2 Responses to “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)”

  1. Such a lovely movie. I pull it out of the old DVD stack every once in a while and I always enjoy it.

  2. Yes a classic that’s well-worth a repeat visit here and there.

    Bernard Herrmann’s score is fabulous.

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