Richard Ward, Gilbert Lewis, Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto in "Across 110th Street" (1972)

Across 110th Street (1972) Directed by Barry Shear. Richard Ward as Doc Johnson, Gilbert Lewis as Shevvy, Anthony Quinn as Capt. Frank Mattelli and Yaphet Kotto as Lieutenant William Pope

Doc Johnson: We’ve been givin’ him twenty five hundred a month for the past two years… and he come in here givin’ me orders. Shit. He works for me. He works for me same as the whores and the dealers.
Mattelli: I only took gambling money.
Doc Johnson: Ah, yeah, yeah. They all say that. No. No, you don’t take whorin’ money, you don’t take dirty junkie money. You only take nice, clean numbers money. Where do you think it comes from, them envelopes? Dirty money or clean money, it’s all the same. Now, get the hell outta here.
Mattelli: Look, I came to give you a message. If you’re too dumb to understand, that’s your goddamn business. Any more bodies, I’m coming after you. You hear me?
Doc Johnson: Hey, you watch your motherfuckin’ mouth, white boy. You might be somethin’ big to those booty butts that you work over down at the station, but goddamnit this is me. Doc Motherfuckin’ Johnson.

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  1. Solid work that has bulit up a stellar cult reputation over the past decade.

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