Madelaine Collinson in "Twins of Evil" (1971)

Twins of Evil (1971) Directed by John Hough. Madeleine Collinson as Frieda Gellhorn and David Warbeck as Anton Hoffer (not pictured).

Anton: I saw you ride by.
Frieda: While you were hunting?
Anton: Yes.
Frieda: It seems to be everyone’s occupation here, hunting of one kind or the other.
Anton: What do you mean?
Frieda: Boars in the morning and witches at night.
Anton: Oh? Who told you about that?
Frieda: No one told me anything. I listened.
Anton: To your uncle?
Frieda: Yes.
Anton: Don’t blame me for that. I take no part in it.
Frieda: Don’t you?
Anton: No. I think it’s barbaric, but superstition dies very hard here. You wouldn’t understand.
Frieda: I don’t want to. I hate it here.
Anton: Your uncle is misguided perhaps, but he’s a good man.
Frieda: Perhaps I don’t like good men.

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  1. Another Hammer title worth investigating, though of the ones who have featured over the past week or so this may be the least of the lot. Still, the twins are interesting, and Peter Cushing is here is what must be seen as a prequel to THE VAMPIRE LOVERS.

  2. Yeah, this might be my least favorite of the Karnstein Trilogy though it still entertains. Cushing chews the scenery nicely and the twins are very comely. All in all though, as corny as it is, I think The Vampire Lovers delivers best on the promise of erotica and horror.

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