Rene Auberjonois, Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin and Ed Lauter in "King Kong" (1976)

King Kong (1976) Directed by John Guillermin. Rene Auberjonois as Roy Bagley, Jessica Lange as Dwan, Jeff Bridges as Jack Prescott, Charles Grodin as Fred Wilson and Ed Lauter as Carnahan.

Fred: Holy Mother! That looks as old as the pyramids of Egypt!
Jack: Could be. The only difference is the pyramids weren’t repaired six months ago. You’ll notice there’s earth chinking those timbers. It would have to be replaced after each monsoon season.
Carnahan: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me there’s people on this island?
Jack: Yes, I am. What’s more I’ll characterize them: scared people.
Dwan: Scared of what?
Jack: I don’t know exactly, but whatever it is, apparently they thought they needed a wall this size to keep it out.
Fred: Jack, Jack, let me straighten you out on a couple of points. One, this wall is an ancient ruin. Two, the island is uninhabited…
(the sound of drums rises from behind the wall)
Jack: And three, there’s an uninhabited German beer hall in there with a mechanical band.

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  1. I just recently acquired John Barry’s extraordinary score for this film on a new Film Score Monthly CD. It remains for me the most memorable element of a film that probably has been unfairly maligned. It’s not a great film, but it’s not a dog either.

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